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Passion moves us!

In  2006, Olimpic games opened with “passion lives here”. Now, we could keep on with “And never Left”.

Dear cyclist, BIK-E was born by a group of friends with passion for cycling. This is the first, most important, step of this job: we’d like to pass you our passion for spending  a special holiday,  not usual and unforgettable days through our lands.

A not conventional holiday is the possibility to change it in every moment.
We thought and planned from 1 to 7 or more different days to spend with us: from UNESCO lands to OLIMPIC mountains, passing through, If you desire, the seaside.

Because with live between sea and mountains, and we could choice where we could go. Every day.



Guides and hiking excursion

We planned lots of different trips, just to offer you a path to follow.
But we could also change them listening your needs.
Just to know: from 1 to 7 or more different days, from Olimpic mountains to Unesco lands, or spending a day for shopping or tasting wine or to try amenities we prepared for you.
Have you ever listened deers’ grunt?

How to reach us

The nearest airport is Cuneo Levaldigi within 25 minutes.  (click here fot the Airport Web Site)

From there we will take you to your accomodation with our shuttle service.

Ask us how to get it. Don't have any matter, enjoy your holiday.

 Aeroporto di Cuneo Mappa

Powerful BIK-Es

Dear cyclist!
My name is Roberto, and I'll proud to guide you through our lands.
In this picture, I'm testing the CANNONDALE TRAUMOUNT . It's super! You must try it to feel sensantions never felt before.
40km, hill,  mud, water: you can't stop riding this monster!
Also I tried TREK and HAIBIKE: it's hard making a choice.


We are here

We are located in Alba, in the heart of the Langhe, unique places, Unesco heritage and home to prestigious vineyards, in Bra, the capital of Roero place of impressive "Rocche", and Claviere, in the center of the stunning scenery that hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Excursions in the Langhe

We will take you to visit the territories of the white truffle and degrees of wines, from 2014 UNESCO World Heritage Site.